The biggest store selling wholesale rosaries and religious goods in Rome.
We have been on the market for more than twenty years.     Over the year we are visited by a wide and heterogeneous clientele by the point of sale in Rome, via del Mascherino 29.
      We are able to comply with any request of church ornaments and vestments: rosaries,medals,crosses, holy images of every kind, statues, chalices etc.,.
On specific requests and for considerable amounts, we can create objects with personalized topics such as medals, crosses, sacred images, scarves, adhesives etc.
Since we have a well-stocked store, we can carry out the orders in a short time.

        We provide for an estimate without payment, and when it is possible, also the prototypes of special requested subjects.     We have at you disposal a photographic catalogue carrying the most demanded and classical models among the numerous commercialized articles. Ask for a copy filling up the proper.form.

        Also the price-list will be sent to you.
Specific estimates will be supplied for considerable quantities.